How to use social media for branding online

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How to use social media for branding online

In the competitive world where we live in, establish a brand online has become a very important and inevitable for every small, medium and big-size business. Thousands of people around the world are daily using different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram etc. Research and studies says that a number of people are increasing rapidly every year who using social media to buy, review and endorse products online. Hence social media has become very popular platforms for all companies and organizations to promote and sell their products and establish their brand online.

Social media is an inexpensive tool than other traditional and advertising methods in order to build your brand. Major search engines also rewards the brands that people endorse and recommend to their friends and love one on various social media networking sites. If you are planning to power you brand online, it is right time to you to utilize social media world with following tips.

Select right social media Platform for your target Market: There are several social media networking sites available online. You can choose where you want to promote your business or that you feel is good for your target market. Generally most of online customers are using most popular social sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. You can also do experiment with least popular other social media websites.

Make Facebook Page for branding: Facebook is an excellent stage to power your brand and business online. First make Facebook page for your brand or product so that people can like, comment, give review and feedback about your brand or product. Educate and inform your Facebook fans regarding your brand and products. Run Facebook contest and events and engage your customers with your products. Always develop creative and informative content for your page. Try to encourage your fans to invite their friends on your page and/or share your content with them.

Engage your customers with tweets: Twitter is another popular social media network that can help you to engage your customer with your brand using tweets and retweets. Build your Twitter profile and use your brand name as your Twitter name. Use your brand logo as a Twitter profile image so that people can recognize you brand. Try to increase your followers, share quality stuff and useful information like product image, video and other creative content with your followers. Always stay active on Twitter and reply to any comments and query that you get on Twitter.

Build an effective Google+ Page: Google+ is also a great tool to establish your brand and spread the word regarding your products and business online. Make a Google+ page for your business and design it as a bridge to connect your brand with your customers. Use creative content to promote your brand and this content will also help you increase your followers.

Use LinkedIn for branding: If your target market is business people or professionals then LinkedIn is recommended you to build your brand. You should set up a group for your brand and try to reach out and influence people who are interested in your products and business. Post quality stuff frequently and encourage people to share your publishing content. You should also try to get reviews and feedback of readers.

Promote your brand on YouTube: Using video you can express your brand and business in a unique way. YouTube is an excellent social media tool that can build engagement and community around your brand. Millions of people watching YouTube every day that can be targeted with attractive videos. Make a creative video about your product or business and share it on your other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can use YouTube advertisement to promote your video in order to reach out more people.

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